Friday, March 16, 2012

What to do?

At some point, I may actually finish studying, and take my ACE GFI test. Then I will have to figure out what classes I am actually going to teach. Since today's topic is class formats, I thought I would actually sit down and make a list of the classes I am interested in getting certified to teach. Saying "Ohhhhhh, I wanna do that!" every time I see a cool class, does not qualify as planning.

Belly dance fitness- There are two belly dance fitness programs available. I don't think I will be getting certified in either! There is Shar Qui, which I really like. But, it is so expensive! It's about $500 to get certified. Then there is Brancee, it seems like they never do instructor training over here on the left coast.

I've got quite a bit of belly dance experience under my jingly coin belt, and I don't think I would have any problem teaching a belly dance fitness class. So why don't I just skip the certification all together? Street cred.

Street Cred: I have none.

You rarely see a belly dance teacher with less than 10 years of professional dance experience. I have six years of dance experience, with a few amateur performances here and there. Not super impressive, but the average fitness class attendee wont care. The local "only game in town" BD teacher might though. Since that's a class she could be teaching. I just don't want people hating on me, ya know. Ok, enough rambling about that.

Fit2Cheer- A cheerleading fitness class using weighted pom poms! Awesome lvl.- over 9000. Everything is more fun with pom poms.

Oh Baby Fitness- This seems like a pretty fun/ easy class to teach. Plus I noticed none of our local gyms were offering preggo classes. And yeah, I've been there..

My child probably has Shimmied Baby Syndrome.

I would love to do cardio burlesque, but I can't find instructor training in the US. How is it possible that the UK and Canada have these classes, but we don't?

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